Adventures in Earth Science Beyond Planet Earth: An Introduction to Astronomy Dr Peter T Scott Author
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About Beyond Planet Earth This is the eighth book in the series Adventures in Earth Science and deals with the science of astronomy. The book takes an historical approach detailing observations made throughout early history by many cultures and eventually by those in Europe after the renaissance. From naked eye astronomy of the early astronomers, the book looks at the invention of optical and later radio telescopes and provides some detail of the construction and science behind the former type. The desire of humankind to get off the surface of the planet and explore other worlds is also discussed, both from the point of view of science fiction literature as well as the scientific reality. Beginning with early experiments in rocketry, the various achievements of many of the space programs of the last sixty years are outlined. The information provided by Earth-based observation and these space programs is given for the objects within our Solar System and also for deep space objects and the text is lavishly illustrated with photographs, illustrations and charts as well as two online video links. The Helpful Hints section at the back of the book is a useful guide to the amateur astronomer who wishes to go beyond planet Earth.


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