Send in The Wolves: The Million Dollar, Real-World Education On How To Run A Successful, Profitable Business In This NEW Economy... James Toner Author
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Read this book. Soak it all in and take it to heart. You have a very valuable asset in your hands... My friend Jim Toner and his business partner John Mulry have written a book that could prove priceless for your business. - Bill Bartmann (Voted National Entrepreneur of the year and named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs of the last 100 years) The real world data is frightening. 50% of all small business owners will be out of business in 5 years. That means if it's not you, it's the guy next to you. How does it happen? Take your pick. - Employess - Legal - Marketing - Customer service - Finances - YOU... The reality is this. IF you want to make it, you better be good. Real good. Most are not. When you finally discover this fact, it is time to bring in the big dogs. Or in this case... THE WOLVES. Jim Toner, is a 26 year, in the trenches entrepreneur. Having created a number of multi-million dollar companies, Jim knows the harsh realities of what it takes to survive in today's marketplace. John Mulry is a multi-award winning Dan Kennedy trained consultant, top selling author and is affectionately known as 'The Marketing Maverick'. A master of in depth marketing campaigns, he has the systems you need to ATTRACT, CONVERT & RETAIN your most ideal clients.


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