A Switch in Time John Paul Bernett Author
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Alicia is the oldest child of a Billionaire transport mogul in the 21st century. Alice is the eldest child of a very poor coal barge owner in the 19th century. They both live very different lives in extremely different times. Alicia is the world champion at being a spoilt bitch with the sort of money she would need four lifetimes to spend. Alice however has nothing but a short life of toil to look forward to. Alicia has a brother who hates the ground she walks on, A mother who is more spoilt than she is and a father who lavishes everything she as ever wanted upon her. Alice has a brother who adores her, a hard working mother who is gentle and kind and a father who has never been able to buy her anything but has lavished love upon her. Alicia's brother lives in the past, his subject at university was history and he and a friend are restoring an old railway line with the hope of making a preserved Railway Alice's brother wants to know about the new steam technology that is transforming his world but he is locked into his family's coal barge business. Can time change a man's future; can the past help a modern idea. Doe's a time we live in dictate how we behave As a father falls gently asleep he asks for help from his long dead father to save his family, but his deceased relative wasn't tuned in that day. When you cast a question into the darkness you don't know who or what is listening and you can have no effect on the outcome. Be careful what you wish for, because it just might happen.This is a story about an industrial revolution in the now and the past; it's about love and loss. Most of all it's about to change your future or the course of how things turn out for others. Money isn't everything and there is more to being poor than meets the eye. A cloud of energy appears over Leeds in 19th and 21st century. The past meets the present and the rest is A Switch in Time.


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