Putting It Wright: The Autobiography of Captain Walter Graham Wright (K.M.) B.A.(Hons) Royal Australian Navy (Retired) Graham Wright Author
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Captain Graham Wright is a man ahead of his time. He saw life and work differently from others. However, speaking his mind brought him more trouble than good, as others didn't often agree with his point of view or vision. But during his current 93 years, he's seen many of his predictions and ideas come to fruition. Putting It Wright covers his life to date, from joining the Royal Australian Navy at age 13, his experiences in Palestine, Malta, Turkey and adventures during World War II in the Mediterranean, Madagascar, South-East Asia and most importantly Archangel and the truth behind a secret meeting with Stalin in Moscow by Sir Walter Citrine, UK Trade Union Congress leader, under Churchill's orders in 1941. No other book in history has ever exposed this detail. This Naval career highlight earned him the Arctic Star. His service continued during peacetime until 1962 amid major changes in the Navy and then all the Defence Forces. After 29 years of Naval service he accepted an offer from the then Department of External Affairs, spending two interesting years amongst the communist spy scandals in Bangkok, Thailand, as Head of Research in the South East Asian Treaty Organization Headquarters.Later, after joining the Australian Public Service, his major achievement was working with Sir Arthur Tange in producing the well-known Tange Report. With his Bachelor of Arts Honours degree and his thesis work, the Tange Report amalgamated the administration of the three armed services and Supply Department, creating the Department of Defence as we know it today.Even after being criticized by Australian National University gurus who believed that an insider couldn't be credited with writing about Defence matters, Wright proved to be right again - as history has shown that what we have today with the day-to-day operations of the three Services now controlled by the Headquarters at Bungendore - is just as he'd written it.


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