Defeating an Internet Boogeyman: Simple Secrets of Reputation & Crisis Management Using Social Media & Web Marketing Strategy Adam Burns Author
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IS THIS BOOK FOR YOU? An Internet Boogeyman can be anyone with a grudge and access to the Internet who wants to damage your reputation online. Want to know the dirty little secrets and what can be done about them? Don't want your business destroyed by angry past customers (or jealous competitors pretending to be angry past customers) saying horrible things about you on the Internet? Need to neutralize and minimize damage being done to your reputation now or in the future, but don't know how? Been hit with some bad press and traditional public relations, crisis communication and crisis management strategies won't make your problems go away? Online reputation management, when implemented correctly, with a step by step plan you can easily follow, can help your business repair, build and preserve the value of your name and brand online. This book shows you how. WHAT'S IN THE BOOK? It offers a well organized accounting of popular Internet Boogeyman strategies and explains the tactical do's and don'ts needed to counteract them. It includes simple (not overly technical) plans, strategies, tips and tactics using web marketing strategy and social media marketing secrets that every business owner needs to know. So entrepreneurs and managers don't get overwhelmed, the well-organized information is presented using easy to follow, step by step blueprints they can use to resurrect and protect their reputations online. It's a quick read containing real-world examples, helpful and practical tips. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Peace of Mind. Profit. Dignity. We know business owners who were unable to sleep at night because they were so worried about the damage being done to their businesses by an Internet Boogeyman. Because they had no idea what, if anything they could do about it, there was no relief for their anxiety, fear or hopelessness. Your biggest takeaway is probably going to be the peace of mind that happens when you are prepared to deal with almost anything a current or future Internet Boogeymen could throw at you. Even if you aren't a techie or expert at web marketing strategy, there are some fundamental things you can do to protect everything you've worked for. In summary, you will discover: Where and how an Internet Boogeyman is most likely to attack your reputation online (so you can be ready to counter their moves ahead of time). How to set up an early warning monitoring system that automatically lets you know when people are talking about you online (so you can respond quickly, appropriately and turn problems into opportunities). How to use social media for business and generate new leads and customers (so you can supercharge your Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, YouTube marketing, Pinterest marketing and LinkedIn marketing results). How to build a virtual force-field around your name and reputation online (so harmful and damaging content posted by an Internet Boogeyman gets bounced so far down search engine result pages that hardly anyone will ever see them). The secrets of creating search engine friendly content in different formats (blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, social media posts, etc.) so your prospects find YOUR reasons to buy instead of an Internet Boogeyman's reasons why they shouldn't. How your advertising budget can be used against you (so you can prevent competitors from siphoning away YOUR business leads without your knowledge). The best social media and online marketing tools for automating and replacing the time consuming grunt work (so YOU get an unfair advantage over your online adversaries). The most common knee-jerk tactics and strategies that hurt more than they help (and why you should avoid them, even if they sound tempting.) What to do when traditional public relations, crisis communications and crisis management efforts don't make your problems go away. We hope you enjoy reading it.


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