The Poet's Treasure: Book 3 of the Within the Walls trilogy Stephanie Bennett Author
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The Poet's Treasure Book 3 of the Within the Walls trilogyThe Within the Walls trilogy chronicles the life of Emilya Hoffman Bowes Florencia-technological genius, collaborator in the newest wave of tek enhancements to hit the market, and creator of virtual vacations. As Book 3, The Poet's Treasure opens, Emilya has returned to City Centre, a place where the inhabitants are told they are the last of Earth's population, kept safe from the toxic world outside by remaining within the confines of their tiny homes. Their tek enables them to listen in on the thoughts and conversations of others around them-and participate in a busy, virtual existence where uniqueness and true rest are unknown.Emilya is beginning to see the gulf between the face-to-face relationships she is now experiencing and the virtual existence of the people in City Centre. She can't help but wonder if she can use her expertise in virtual imaging to entice people out of the illusory security of their neatly edited icons and pre-packaged food-out into the majestic, wild world and true community that are available beyond their walls


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