How Elite Advisors GROW!: PROVEN, TRUST-BASED, FINANCIAL ADVISOR MARKETING to Be Better, Do Better And Get More Clients Mitchell Levin Author
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Have you ever noticed that most financial advisors' marketing material looks the same? If all financial advisors look the same to a prospective client, than there is no real reason why a prospective client should choose one advisor over any other. This book will give you the blueprint to help you identify the clients that you want, and position yourself differently from the rest of the financial advisors out there so that you become the go-to financial advisor in your area. Some of the ideas contained in this book may seem foreign, or even counter intuitive to you. You think to yourself, I've been doing all right up to this point, why should I change. Do not be afraid of trying something different. It's a new world out there, technologically speaking, and innovations are happening every day. If you do not continue to update your skill set, and strive to improve your marketing techniques, it will not be long until you find yourself outdated and outgunned by financial advisors who are constantly innovating. So, take a chance. Nothing says that you need to implement every idea in this book right away. You can start with one tweak to your marketing program and build on that foundation.


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