Exposed: Auto Repair's Dirty Little Secrets to Rip You Off!: Catch Dishonest Mechanics and Beat Them at Their Own Game! Marty Guerrero Author
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Exposed: Auto Repair's Dirty Little Secrets to Rip You Off! Catch Dishonest Mechanics and Beat Them at Their Own Game! Hate Getting Your Car Serviced Because You're Afraid of Auto Repair Rip-offs? If you've ever dreaded taking your car in for routine maintenance, such as getting a simple oil change, or you've skipped getting your tires rotated because you're afraid a dishonest mechanic will rip you off, then this is the book for you! That's because, chances are you HAVE BEEN CHEATED! If you're a woman, you can bet you've been cheated, not once, not twice, but over and over again! Get Your Copy of this Book! You will learn the inside scoop on the tricks of the trade You will learn how mechanics, world wide, use a tried and true technique known as the Three F's to get you to agree to spend more money. This book will teach you about the dirty air filter trick and the Flush services that flush out your wallet. The tricks makes the shop money while ripping you off. You will learn the ways dishonest mechanics scam you by up selling services you don't need. We've all suspected it happens, now there's proof! Marty Guerrero is a two-time Emmy Award winning journalist who caught a so-called female friendly mechanic cheating her. He was charging her more than $1000.00 for various services when all her car needed was a new battery. When he refused to refund her money, Marty took her case to state investigators and won. The shop owner was such a jerk she decided to take auto repair classes, learn about her car and expose the industry's dirty little secrets. This powerful book will save you money! You will learn how dishonest mechanics reel you in with cheap oil change prices then do a bait and switch to charge you more. Buy this book for yourself, and give copies as gifts to your friends and family. It will save all of you from agreeing to unnecessary services. You will save on your personal finances and have a lot less anxiety and headaches going to an independent auto repair shop or an auto dealership. It's a must read for anyone who drives a car!


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