Return Of The Dead Jeremy R Dyson Author
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The sequel to Rise of the Dead is here with even more guts and more zombie action!If there was one thing Scout Johnson never learned, it was when to quit. Before the dead rose, Scout was a working mom, doing anything she had to do to take care of her family. It was never easy, but she always came through. That all changed when corpses began returning to life. After the dead took everyone that she cared for, Scout struggled to find a reason to go on and to keep fighting each day.While traveling through the Ozarks in search of save haven with a group of survivors, Scout suddenly finds herself in a battle with both the living and the dead. Facing impossible odds, her only hope hinges on a secretive CIA agent, a few Navy Seals, and a ragtag group from Chicago that she encounters along the way. Together Scout, Blake and the rest of the cast race across the heartland in order to save themselves and find the answer to stopping the zombie apocalypse before it is too late.Return of the Dead brings a whole new cast together with the survivors from Rise of the Dead for an epic zombie adventure that is twice as deadly and brutal as the original. The stakes are higher and the threats are even more sinister. Hold on tight and get comfortable being uncomfortable!


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