THE IMMORTAL Alabaster: An Aaron Archer Mystery Book 1 Glenn Rogers Author
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In The Immortal: Alabaster, crime consultant and philosophy professor, Dr. Aaron Archer, receives a call from the LAPD to assist in the investigation of a series of gruesome murders—the victims were immobilized and their hearts were cut out. In the course of the investigation, Aaron, a fifty-five hundred year old immortal detective, will encounter a killer that challenges even his vast experience and threatens the life of the women he loves, the only person who knows who and what he really is. LAPD Captain, Frank McGarry, hires Aaron to help investigate the murders of three religious leaders whose hearts were cut out. A small statue of an odd looking little man was left in the chest cavity of each victim. Aaron recognizes the image as Ipsis, the ancient Assyrian god of retribution and revenge. Why would someone be killing religious leaders in the same way the priests of Ipsis killed their victims 3,000 years ago? The investigation leads Aaron from rituals associated with an ancient, brutal past to a contemporary criminal enterprise of staggering and dangerous proportions. Searching for the killer requires Aaron to utilize skills from his past, a past he'd rather forget. As Aaron begins to unravel the clues, more people die and Alexis, the woman Aaron trusts with his secret and with his love, becomes a target.


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