Freeze: A Week With Mr. Hopkins (The Abyss Cover) Ellis Kross Author
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Exclusive: Two stories in one. Six ways to get it (The Abyss, Cover 2 out of 6). Memories: some cherished while others forgotten in the ashes of time. How would it feel if memories from your childhood, the ones worthy of cherishing, could not be remembered? Anne Roth can barely remember anything from her days as an innocent child to the age of twelve. To Anne, these memories remain nothing more than an unsolved jigsaw puzzle. Some days, she remembers tiny fragments of her childhood: hellish faces as dark as silhouettes, creeping sensations which leave her incapacitated and constrained into a state of medication, and, even worse, with murderous impulses; while most days, her mind is a blank canvas. At twenty-something, Anne finds herself running in circles with her tedious cubicle job, neglectful boyfriend, and estrange foster parents until one night she is suddenly thrown back into the vicious life that she left behind many years ago. Now, on the run with nobody to trust but herself, Anne will soon learn that the only way to survive is to remember her past.


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