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NED HICKSON is an award winning, nationally syndicated humor columnist, headquartered at the Siuslaw News in Florence, Oregon. This, his first book, shows why his popularity is growing across the country.From the dangers of family forays in the kitchen (Flaming Pop Tarts), and the careful maneuvering of male-female relations (Women are From Venus, and Men Won't Ask for Directions), to the dangers of working as an under-appreciated JURNALIST, Ned takes us through day-to-day misadventures we can all relate to.What editors and readers are saying behind Ned's back...It is fascinating following the workings of Ned Hickson's clever mind as he deftly turns ordinary daily happenings into pure hilarity. Hickson reminds us that life can be very funny indeed, especially when viewed through his lens. We snapped up his humor column in about one minute, we thought it was that good. He has developed many fans here in the Atlanta area. - Gay Shook - Editor of The Weekly - Gwinette, GeorgiaA lot of people think they are funny these days. Many aren't. Ned Hickson's weekly humor column is a notable exception. Hickson not only gets it, but he can write it. As an editor, I feel I know what it takes to write well. Hickson not only writes well, but does so in a genre that very few do so successfully. - Andrew Scot Bolsinger - Editor of Ashland Daily Tidings - Ashland, OregonHey Mister: Yer humor has me laughfing [sic] way down in Cedar Bluff, Alabama. Drive truck for paycheck and drop off The Post all over S.E. states. Thanks for keepin' me smiling. - Stretch (Sent on a post card from Chattanooga, Tennessee)


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