Walking Toward the Light: A Journey in Forgiveness and Death Karen Todd Scarpulla Author
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Karen Scarpulla's ex was a self-absorbed husband and an uninvolved father to their two children. So why, after six years of divorce, would Karen choose to move herself and her kids into his home? Vince has just been diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal and stomach cancer, and his children barely know him. Not only is Karen suddenly sharing a home with a man she has spent the last several years trying to avoid, but she also becomes his caregiver and primary source of emotional support. The new arrangement quickly drums up ancient hurt, and old family dynamics creep out from underneath the rug. Karen and her children struggle to make each last day they have with Vince count. Will Karen be able to step through the resentment and find the peace in true forgiveness? And will Vince realize the gift he has been given before it's too late?


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