The Extraordinary Power of 1%: 40 Motivational Studies That Can Change Your Life 1% At A Time. Lonnie E. Riley Author
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As believers in Christ, our primary focus should of course be on building our relationship with Him. We as Christians are not meant to say a humble prayer of repentance and acceptance, then abandon the very One who saved us. Rather, we are meant to pursue a deep and purposeful relationship with our Savior, our Creator. How then can we build this relationship with all of the activities of life pulling us in every direction? Well, the first step is to devote a period of time, no matter how small at first, and in that time seek out to build that important relationship with Christ. To be truly successful in this life, a believer must live with Christ as their central focus. Just as a marital relationship requires constant work and devotion, so does our relationship with Christ. Sometimes however, just as in other aspects in life, we need a guide, a helping hand, in order to build and hone such a relationship.This is the exact purpose of this devotional. Through the various weeks involved, you will gain very important perspectives on your relationship with Christ. You will see who you are to Him, what He has planned and purposed for you, and how you are to share that life and love with others. While this devotional will not suffice to stabilize your relationship with Christ forever, it will undoubtedly assist in building a solid foundation. Change One Habit And Change Your Life!Everyone speaks of changing their life, yet they become overwhelmed at the task by trying to change everything all at once. Where do you start? How do you start?In his practical, down-to-earth style, Dr. Riley gives you daily motivation to:* Change one small area of life* Live in Power* Understand who you are* Build your faith* Do God's will* Follow your purpose* Cultivate right attitudes* Be an Ambassador for GodThe mind is a powerful thing. We become what we focus our mind upon. That being said, it only makes sense to purposely set our mind on good, positive and holy things. The world in which we live thrives on the negative. One only has to watch the news to realize that. Our jobs are often negative in that we hear little praise but reprimands are quick and hurtful. Some churches even build their message on the negative things in the Bible. God wants His children to be people of faith, hope and love. This is written to help turn you into that type of person. Positive. Hopeful. Loving. Faithful.


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