Open Wide and Say Moo!: The Good Citizen's Guide to Right Thoughts and Right Actions under Obamacare Richard N Fogoros Author
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Richard N. Fogoros (DrRich of the award-winning Covert Rationing Blog) thinks you may not yet be sufficiently paranoid about our new healthcare system. Open Wide and Say Moo! aims to remedy this deficiency. Here's the thing. Whether Obamacare stands (and we get a Progressive healthcare system all at once), or it is somehow repealed (in which case we most likely will still get a Progressive healthcare system, just more gradually), there are some things we in the herd need to understand. Certain critical requirements are placed upon each of us under Obamacare, and our full cooperation (like our health insurance itself) is mandatory. This is because Obamacare - or any Progressive healthcare system - simply cannot work, the way the experts have deemed it must work, without our full cooperation. Open Wide and Say Moo! carefully details the important responsibilities placed upon the Good Citizen by Obamacare. Armed with this information, each of us can then decide whether to be a Good Citizen - or something else. Since, while it may not always be easy or pleasant, or perhaps legal, there is always a something else.


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