The Legend and Adventures of Tae and Kwon: Time travel martial arts adventure! Ron Shears Author
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Three thousand years ago the Mongolian Kingdom of Shilla, under the leadership of a group of monks, developed an elaborate new system of hand-foot combat called Soo Bak. The skill and style was unique and it was important to ensure that this pure form was not corrupted or allowed to fall into the wrong hands. In an almost hidden labyrinth of caves far from the capital Tungka, the artists drew life-sized murals on the large cave walls of people practising all manner of early martial arts. Over the decades tombs were laid down. It is said that the ancient spirits watched over them, but all was not well. The Soo family; rulers of the small Soo kingdom, had long plotted to destroy the Shilla dynasty and secure the ancient parchments. They were determined to take possession of the ancient writings and drawings by any means. It was imperative to get the scribes' work into trusted hands. In order for these chosen ones to leave the cave and carry the parchments into safe hands, someone from the outside world must open the external cave. However, as each half millennium passed, the power of the figures to materialise in this way diminished, and the year 1999 would mark the last chance...  Enter friends Sam and Jim, who find themselves in the right time, at the right place...


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