Crowning Wisdom: An Inspirational Reference Guide to Proverbs Tracie A Dawson Author
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In a world of ever-changing technology and trends, little remains constant or stands the test of time. Life today may look different than it did 3,000 years ago, but our struggles and challenges remain the same. We still need help with self-control, our relationships, finances, character, and understanding the secrets to living a purposeful and fulfilling life.We still need Wisdom.However, today, when we struggle in these areas, we often take the contemporary route to friends, counselors, books, and classes. Or worse yet, many of us ignore the negative patterns in our lives, and get stuck asking, Why am I always mixed up with the wrong people? Why am I broke all the time? Why can't I say the right thing instead of making matters worse? Why am I not happy?Is there a better source of guidance and direction for life today?Absolutely!Crowning Wisdom reintroduces the indispensable and enduring wisdom of the Proverbs through modern-day anecdotes and inspiration. Each chapter presents the related Proverbs in a highly organized and easily accessible format. It challenges us to embrace the infallible and unchanging word of God that bears greater purpose, guidance, and wisdom for life yesterday, today, and forever!


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