The Sun King Dialogue: A Bold New Explanation Of Why The Universe Exists or Why Atheism Is Irrational Daniel Alexander Brown Author
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WHY THE HELL DOES THE UNIVERSE EXIST?Neither science nor religion have so far offered a straight-forward, logical answer to this question. What's more, science and religion seem incapable of providing a unified explanation of the myriad phenomena taking place within the universe.Consider for a moment what math-based theories of everything, like string theory, are able to explain. While math is an effective tool for discerning the structure of the cosmos, it's a spectacular failure when it comes to explaining important subjects like emotions, history, humor, art, and ethics. Given the limits of its explanatory power, how can math be regarded as a suitable basis for a theory of everything?The key to understanding the universe is language. Ancient religions struggled to articulate ideas about the cosmos in human languages that are limited in precision and consistency. Theoretical physics, on the other hand, relies on the language of mathematics to construct scientific theories; but math is very limited as well. The path to bridging these disciplines, and the way to unify all subjects of inquiry into a comprehensive explanation of life and the universe, is by introducing an innovative symbolic language that can draw a link between phenomena that are seemingly far removed from one another, such as human nature and the structure of the cosmos.In The Sun King Dialogue, Daniel Alexander Brown presents a bold new explanation of why the universe exists. He visits the court of the most suspicious cynic in the land, the Cynical Sun King, and the dialogue that follows is an entertaining exploration of everything under the sun; from the source of the universe to the structure of human societies to the possible future of the American Republic, with appearances by pop culture icons like sexy vampires, the Three Men in the Tub, Dizzy Gillespie, and Pat Sajak.


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