Ever Present Communicator: Engaging with a Dynamic God Casper J van Tonder Author
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Ever Present Communicator (NEW EDITION*)  is a modern day testimony of God’s dynamic sophistication that permeates every aspect of creation. God is able to use many different methods of communication to offer support and guidance for all who seek Him.The author transforms authentic real world experience(s) into a process that promotes an intimate relationship with God and the ability to manage life's challenges with divine support.A *Personal Bible Study challenges the reader to consider how God consistently communicated with individuals through Biblical history and His promises to all believers today.The *Author’s Journal provides insight into the author’s life since he set out to live in the Spirit, by presenting a series of testimonies of God’s unyielding support.Discover practical illustrations that will:•   Strengthen your faith in God’s desire to engage     with you on a personal level•  Make you aware of the extended range of God’s    dynamic methods of communication - including    today’s technology•  Motivate you to treat setbacks as temporary and    not lasting•  Demonstrate the powerful intervention of the    Holy Spirit


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