Dialect Of Dahlias Apryl Skies Editor
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Gloria Wimberley's debut volume of poetry, Dialect of Dahlias, is artistically off-the-beaten path at inky indigo of twilight (where fairies tiptoe and satyrs skip) deep in the ethereal, sylvan recesses of our psyche, a creative forest unto itself. Via her versifying, moonlight can be pure and cleansing, or as painfully incriminating as a brand on flesh. Both the nocturnal and diurnal rhythms of Life are explored in her 3 distinct poetic styles: narrative, surrealistic, and blended--Pick a Lily or embrace a Leper in her fanciful forest. Serious readers of 21st century poetry will discover that the various personas speaking in Dialect of Dahlias are assuredly magical, mesmerizing, and meaningful.


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