Model Life Takes Fashion Week and Model Life Takes Shanghai Special Edition Isobella Jade Author
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In Model Life Takes Fashion Week, suddenly rising as a fashion model involves a lot more commotion than glamourous photo-shoots and strutting down the runway during New York Fashion Week. It’s fashion model ISO's runway debut, she has surged from the ditches and darkness of the industry to become the little Heron. It's her model-moment, despite her recent involvement in the dramatic court case against a malicious magazine editor. All promises to be glamorous until her tragic runway fall that tumbles into a streak of painful surprises. ISO walks the catwalk by day and by night goes undercover in disguise. She’s compelled from her tough beginnings to protect aspiring models in turmoil but after a runway fall her mission becomes questionable when tragedy strikes and it becomes deadly. She’s on a mission to find out who killed her favorite photographer. ISO’s story continues in Shanghai, where revenge and loyalty meet. In Model Life Takes Shanghai, Zell is a rising fashion model and her face is all over Shanghai. While Zell is at magazine photo-shoot she gets a text from one of her best model-friends, ISO, letting her know that world-renowned fashion model Razz, has landed in Shanghai. Now between photo-shoots Zell is on a mission to assist ISO seek revenge on Razz because ISO believes Razz killed her favorite NYC-based photographer before moving to Shanghai. Only Zell's promise to ISO is shaken when the mission proves that choosing to be true to your word can mean the betrayal toward a new friend. With each story entwining to the next, these fashion models show us beauty is just one piece of this industry of physical perfection.


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