5 Minutes a Day to Living Beyond Rich: The Easy, Simple, Blunt, No Nonsense Personal Finance Guide for Busy People Jen McDonough Author
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Would you take action to find financial freedom, peace, and joy if you only had to spent 5 minutes a day on something? Would you spend 300 seconds a day to reduce financial stress in your life?If you answered yes to the above, I say kudos to you for taking action to read this book! Carving time out of your schedule to further educate yourself on something that has the potential to change your life will be rewarding! You get 'double brownie points' especially since:* Personal finance can be a very boring subject to learn about. * Personal finance is not talked about openly in our society (it is like discussing one's underwear in public). Being that personal finances is a hush, hush subject in our society, it probably explains why many people today are living in such pain, embarrassment and shame around their finances. It seems strange when you step back to think about the incredible impact finances can have on our lives, our community and our work. Yet knowing this, we still don't talk about it, we don't take time to learn about it, and frankly, the thought of doing so can give many of us the shiver me timbers.Why do I know all this?I use to be one of those people who:* Didn't talk about my finances.* Didn't have time to learn about it* Didn't have any inclination to learn about it. (Just between you and me, I would have been horrified at taking a class or reading a book on personal finances. Yuck and double yuck.)Why then am I writing a book about personal finances? Simply put, I never want you to go through the pain, shame, and stress that out of control finances can bring to your life.Sadly, financial struggles are much more common than most people would think. * A shocking 70% of Americans today are living paycheck to paycheck. * Financial issues continue to be the number one cause of divorce. Most people think financial disaster will never happen to them. I know we sure didn't. Our world was turned upside down when we experienced it.It wasn't long ago that my family went through a very painful time in our lives where we found ourselves emotionally and financially devastated. It seemed like literally overnight we found ourselves drowning in debt and living a life full of fear, embarrassment and shame. We spent many hours stressing about money and had many sleepless nights.Fast forward to today, and our family now lives with peace, joy, happiness, and financial abundance. We no longer worry about debt collectors calling our home, unexpected bills lurking in our mailbox, or how we are going to pay for our groceries. I am proud to say that even with four kids and putting our family first, in just three years we have:* Paid off over $150,000 worth of debt.* Paid over $30,000 worth of medical related expenses. * Learned how to live beyond rich using simple and easy steps that we can now do in about 5 minutes each day.Think you can't learn how to get a handle on your finances?Well you can. If a person like me who HATED the word budget and who MAYBE checked their bank accounts once a year can learn how to get a handle on their finances, YOU can too. This blunt, to the point, no nonsense book will show you how to get your finances under control and get you on the path to living with peace and joy in your finances. The best part is, you only have to spend 5 minutes a day working on your finances with the simple and easy incremental steps I will lay out for you.Really, 5 minutes is all I need to learning how to live beyond rich?Yep, if you spend 5 minutes a day paying attention and taking action to gain control of your finances, you will accomplish much more than hours of worrying each day.Are you tired of worrying about finances?Well then....let's get going! Know this before we start...I am delighted that you're starting down your own path to learning how to live beyond rich.Remember, if I can do it, YOU can too!Live Beyond Rich! Live Beyond Awesome!Jen McDonough, The Iron Jen


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