Expose' Neo-Slavery in the United States of America: An Insider's Critique and Analysis of How the Private Student Loan Crisis is Hurting Americans Br
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How is the student loan crisis hurting the American economy? Studies show that most American student loan borrowers are defaulting on their loans despite serious legal consequences because they believe that Sallie Mae/Navient and the other private loan servicers are defrauding them. Some borrowers believe that the federal government is complicit.... They realize that many industrious, hard-working students are saddled with college debt. Neo-slavery loans have put the American dream out of reach for so many deserving students. Without hope, our prosperity will collapse because of the avarice and immorality of these nefarious, international bankers whose only goal is to strip American youth of their money. Students who complain that they simply cannot repay their loans will be put in administrative forbearance programs for a fee wherein they extract revenue from the borrowers for nearly a lifetime which, in essence, is slavery. This should not be allowed in America. The reduced loan payments are all messed up and a student would have to hire lawyers and accountants to do business with these nefarious, unscrupulous bankers. Often, many students who have made these loans suffer great angst and become despondent. Sometimes they even resort to criminal activity because they see no way out!


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