Just Make Time: Living The Priorities Of Life and Success Jody N Holland Author
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Just Make Time is the concept of systematically selecting the things that matter most and learning to eliminate the things that detract from your success. It is NOT about managing time or learning to use a calendar system. Instead, it is about learning to identify what matters the most and make that a part of your every day life. This concept is a model for living the life that you have always wanted to live. It is a principle that successful people live by and that anyone can learn. This book should only consume about 45 to 60 minutes of your time to read. It will end up saving you significant amounts of time when you apply the principles that are taught throughout the 9 chapters.Chapter 1 is the introduction to the concept. Elaine Hand, who introduced me to the idea through coaching, talks about the need to fundamentally shift our focus onto what gets results.Chapter 2 is the Wheel of Life. This lines out the 5 categories or spokes of your life. It is critical to achieve success in a balanced approach, keeping yourself on track in each of the areas of the wheel of life.Chapter 3 helps you understand how to do what you have to do. Succeeding in accomplishing your daily objectives is a matter of habit and it is important to learn the right habits of success. Chapter 4 describes the changing world and helps you to understand how and why a better model for making time for what matters most is important to you. It helps you create your personal ammunition for change. Chapter 5 is about not being average in this world. By understanding some very simple things that are directly within your control, you can modify the things that consume you and protect your time. This chapter helps you understand the easy to ways to Just Make Time for what matters most.Chapter 6 is about killing procrastination. So many of us struggle with avoiding the things that we know will make our lives better. The simple tactics outlined in this chapter will help you to propel yourself forward and kill procrastination for good.Chapter 7 is the Pareto Principle, or the 80-20 Rule. You will learn how this rule affects you personally and how to master the art of dividing your tasks up by this principle.Chapter 8 is about the Big Rocks in your life. It helps you to understand what is really important and how to recognize the time eaters in your life as well as how to get rid of them.Chapter 9 is The One Thing. It pulls all of the information together and helps you outline your plan for Making Time for what matters most.


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