Anything Can Happen: My Journey from Despair to Healing and then to Wholeness Michelle Aiken Wilson Author
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In this true story, Wilson puts you in her shoes during many poignant and heartbreaking episodes in her life where she experiences death, infidelity, and despair. She also makes it a point to teach you (maybe it’s the educator in her) how to get through those moments in life that you don’t expect, but alter you forever. Anything Can Happen can be used as a complete source to surviving the feelings of hopelessness, loss and depression after a tragic event or the discovery of betrayal. Each chapter concludes with a lesson as well as words of comfort and guidance to help the reader arrive at wholeness. Anything Can Happen begins with the day Wilson lost her first born child, Isaac, to the hands of a murderer. From there she takes you on a journey over the many years in her life where she experienced extreme lows and then explains how she over came each and every one with the grace of God, the love of family, and the support of friends.


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