Don't Tell Your Momma You're an Atheist: A Reasoned Look at Religion, God, Evolution and the Debates Ray J. Egan Author
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This is a layman's look into the controversial 'battle' between Atheists and those of religious belief. Taken from the atheist perspective, this author touches on a variety of topics, thus differing from the majority of books available on this subject matter. While many books recently have been written of this great controversy, none give a better, broader perspective on the many facets of the discussion. While neither a scientist nor a professional debater, Mr. Egan focuses on making his points consistent, and with a nod to having his book accessible, giving the casual observer and serious theologian alike, an interesting read. In this book he covers such areas as the fossil record, questions for atheists that can't be answered, Religion in the schools, Evolution and more. He poses statements from the theistic side that he counters confidently, and with a little reason and critical-thinking thrown in for good measure. If you read this book, be prepared to come away with a better understanding of the issues, and perhaps a little move up the 'ladder of enlightenment'!


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