The Emancipating Death of a Boring Engineer Michel Bruneau Author
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Winner, Best Second Novel, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist, Literary Fiction, 2012 Book of the Year Award, Foreword Reviews My casket shall be filled to the rim with 2005 Saint-Émilion. So read the first line of the specific instructions for Keene's funeral-a funeral that nobody would attend, since he had no friends or family. This had to be a mistake. Carmina's ex-husband had never been one inclined towards such exuberance-he was a boring engineer for Christ's sake. Besides, she didn't want to have anything to do with this sordid story-they hadn't spoken to each other for more than a decade. A story that would have her treasure hunt for junk, with a suicidal, pyromaniac kid in tow, while being courted by the shyest lawyer on earth. Keene didn't have friends, but he sure had quirky acquaintances; each of the eight Carmina has to visit holds a piece of the puzzle.With its palette of quirky characters, imaginative developments, and unusual perspective on life and death, The Emancipating Death of a Boring Engineer is an inspirational journey that captivates, entertains, and provides food for thought to those of us who happen to know someone who might die someday (rare as it may be).About the author:Michel Bruneau is a boring engineer of the not so boring kind-whether he is emancipated or dead remains to be seen. His previous novel (Shaken Allegiances), which won the 2010 Grand Prize Next Generation Indie Book Awards and received much acclaim, depicted a Kafkaesque post-disaster world at the hands of self-serving actors. On a different tack, The Emancipating Death of a Boring Engineer is an uplifting story with an upbeat ending, because it was written with a pen of a different Reviews This is certainly one way to go out. A love triangle of the strangest kind. You might find yourself charmed by a so-called boring engineer. — ForeWord Reviews The Emancipating Death of a Boring Engineer tells a compelling, and, at times, funny story. An entertaining read. — San Francisco Book Review Plenty of humor with its own take on the romance, very much recommended reading. — Midwest Book Review Truly delightful. A sweet and poignant testimonial to love. Well worth reading. — Readers Favorite Zany with occasional moments of seriousness. — IndieReader Review


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