NOW, Not Later: Make More Money IMMEDIATELY Bob POOLE Author
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This book teaches the reader about how to make more money - not over time or eventually, but right away. Readers will learn how to listen, provide what people want, and do so with integrity (and without bending “the rules”). The text provides a formula that, if followed, helps the reader put plans into action and increase his or her income.Why does this book matter? It matters because everybody wants more money... and many of us desperately need more, right now. There are three reasons people don’t make enough money. This book will explain what those reasons are and, better yet, teach the reader what to do about them.Most people don’t think of themselves as salespeople, and don’t realize they need to sell. The book explains why this matters and how to do it... all while explaining the fears that hold people back and prevent them from making more money. This book doesn’t just teach how to make more money, how to sell, and what goods or services to offer. It also teaches the reader how to listen to, and learn from, what people want and need. The world is full of people willing to pay to get what they want. This text explains how to get that information from others, earnestly and honestly, while teaching the reader how to act on that critically important data.The text includes a full explanation of the Now Not Later Sales System, which prepares the reader to sell by providing value. Very few things feel as good as giving people what they want and need, with integrity, while making more money doing it. This book shows each reader how to apply the system to his or her own life... and explains how to get started, right now, to make more money immediately.The book also includes complete instructions for how to get started, how to do the research necessary to make sure a new side job or work venture is profitable, and how to learn more based on what the reader does and doesn’t know. It’s a complete turnkey solution for anyone who wants to make more money. Too few “make more money” books are simply “get rich quick” schemes. This book, by contrast, is a completely workable, functional, and sustainable system for supplementing (or replacing) your income.


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