How I Lived and Laughed Through the Great Depression and Thereafter Nickolas Petrovich Author
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The author, age eighty-four, has entertained his children and grandchildren from generation to generation with stories of his early childhood growing up in Chicago during the Great Depression, and his entry into manhood. His stories are entertaining as well as enlightening because they provide insight into some of life’s important lessons by giving the reader a glimpse of how life was then − without TV, the internet, iPads and all the trappings we so take for granted. Nickolas Petrovich is a skillful story teller who transports the reader back through time and space to relive his experiences, his memories and the lessons he learned – some exciting, some sad, but often humorous. In this, his first published work, he takes the reader to a time today’s generation has never known.Some of the short stories in this book…• Diving for Teeth… a gut buster• A Tale of a Tail… hilarious• A Game of Pinochle… unbelievable• Thank Goodness for Matches… very useful• and more stories equally funny and exciting!Come… join this plucky kid as he shares his adventures and takes you on a trip to see how he lived and laughed through the Great Depression of the 1930’s.


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