Creating A Life: The Memoir of a Writer and Mom in the Making Corbin Lewars Author
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Corbin Lewars' memoir, Creating a Life, shares the bumpy road that led Corbin to motherhood and her career as a writer. Deformed sperm, a miscarriage, and quitting her job to become an editor only to have that publication become bankrupt were a few hurdles that she crossed along the way. But Corbin not only survives, she thrives, and is able to share her story in a heartfelt and humorous way. “An empowering and true story. If you've created life, if you dream of creating life, if you love someone who is creating life-this is the book for you. –Ariel Gore, author of Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness Lewars writes about disappointment and trauma without a trace of self-pity; her story is honest and raw, her outlook hopeful heartwarming. -Midge Raymond, author of Forgetting English. “Creating A Life is one of the most exquisite and brave memoirs I have read in years. The message of hope and dedication is universal…reaching women of all ages.” –Feminist Review “…thought provoking and uplifting….for every woman who has doubted her ability to do what she really wanted to….” Hip Mama Magazine


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