The Book of Lyle: A Spiritual Adventure from Our Beginning to Beyond Death Daniel Basil Lyle Ph.D. Author
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Has life beat you down? Do you feel bloodied and dispirited? Do traditional solutions offered by religion and society fall short? Fortunately, it is possible for us persistently curious Seekers to join hands, turn around, and return to our shared beginning...The Book of Lyle by Daniel B. Lyle, Ph.D., is a spiritual adventure from our beginning to beyond death. It is a fresh look at Religion and Spirituality. If you could start all over with Religion while retaining the accumulated experience and knowledge of mankind---where would you end up? In the Book of Lyle you discover for yourself four profound insights: 1) a completely different perspective on pain, suffering, and tragedy; 2) motivation far more interesting than fear or love; 3) how to be freed from the tyranny of success; and 4) how to constantly celebrate the true meaning of life.Together with Dr. Lyle explore all aspects of human behavior. Question your deepest assumptions. Pursue your true motivations. Allow God to put you on trial. Have the courage to listen to your enemies and allow them to dictate your fate. By this process both you and Lyle will excavate your own minds---not for vague generalities but hard specifics. You will confront your greatest fears. You will admit your greatest weaknesses. You will discover and be reconciled with the true nature of evil.Struggle for survival in a hostile wilderness. Battle predators and the elements. Confront the Unholy Trinity. Fight vicious demons. All this and more---intriguing parables, beautiful songs, and the most-dangerous prayers---await you in The Book of Lyle! Together with Lyle answer the key Question upon which everything else hinges: What do you really want?


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