Water Wells - What a Dowser Needs to Know - (The Complete Guide to Dowsing) by Susan Joan Collins (Paperback)
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"Book Synopsis Anyone with desire and patience can learn to dowse water wells by focusing their mind and listening to their body. This book will teach you what you need to know about the Water Cycle, wells, working with drillers and dowsing so that you can successfully find the location, depth and volume of reliable sources of good water for homes, farms and businesses. This book presents the techniques Susan developed while dowsing hundreds of wells over the last two decades. Not every well came in as expected, but most of them did. Here's how one of Susan's clients described their experience: ""We got 4.5gpm at 96 feet deep. The water is fresh, has a great static level and it replenishes quickly. The driller was extremely happy with these results considering the area. We are so grateful we have an amazing well. Thank you so much."" M.Z, Canada Find out more about dowsing at www.dowser.ca"



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