Dreaming of Gwen Stefani - by Evan Mandery (Paperback)
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About the Book A hysterically strange rumination on the meaning of celebrity, hot dogs and Gwen Stefani. Book Synopsis Dreaming of Gwen Stefani is a quirky and compelling riff on the nature of romantic obsession, celebrity worship, free will versus determinism and the Joys of Papaya King Hot dogs.--Jay McInerney Mortimer Taylor Coleridge is a unique man. With a mind of rare mathematical precision, he is obsessed with imposing order upon the chaos of every day life. A once brilliant student of evolutionary biology at Columbia University, he has turned his back on a promising academic career to devote his life to selling hot dogs at Papaya Queen. And Mortimer has used his keen intellect to be the quickest and most efficient of hot dog men, devising a numerical-based system to sell hot dogs which maximizes both time and effort. One day while watching TV, Mortimer comes upon VH1, and his life is instantly transformed. While watching Behind the Music: No Doubt, he decides that he and Gwen Stefani are soul mates, destined to be together. When Mortimer discovers that her favorite food is a Papaya Queen hot dog, he dedicates his life to preparing for the day, which he knows will come, when Gwen Stefani will walk into the Papaya Queen where he works, order a frankfurter and fall in love with him. In the comic tradition of writers such as Carl Hiaasen and Lydia Millet, Dreaming of Gwen Stefani takes our culture's obsession with celebrity to its logical--or illogical--conclusion. About the Author Evan Mandery is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He has published two works of non-fiction including Eyes on City Hall (Westview Press), a comical chronicle of his experience working on a doomed mayoral campaign. Dreaming of Gwen Stefani is his first novel.



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