Skillful Dating for Smart Singles: How to Make the Best Dating Decisions in Today's Dating World Alex K Mugume Author
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Romance is an art, but dating confidently is a skillHere is the problem…many singles do not know how to screen a potential lover, without first becoming intimate. Many singles do not know how to match, what to match and end up only matching visual characteristics like beauty, status, or possessions. They simply make 50/50 guesses, with a plan to break up if she or he is not the right person. This usually leads to a painful heartbreak and wasted time. Skillful Dating for Smart Singles is the solution. You will learn how to overcome the previously mentioned challenges and find your ideal mate for a long-lasting love relationship or marriage. This book shares the matchmaking answers you’ve always wanted to know and provides all the facts and relationship tips that you need for dating success. The advice and tips here will help you make dating easier and more fun.It is all in this book, Skillful Dating for Smart Singles, and author Alex K. Mugume breaks dating down to an exact skill. After conducting a study of over 1,000 adults’ dating experiences, it was revealed that there is a clear road map to successful dating.Best of all, he developed a formula-based decision-making tool titled the Skillful Dating Model to guide you every step of the way in assessing the suitability and compatibility of your prospects. As you are about to find out, this model will help you to find your right man or right woman that finds you right too. What you’ll learn from Skillful Dating for Smart Singles:Proven strategies for attracting men and attracting women that are ready for long-term relationshipsValuable dating lessons learned from over 1,000 experienced adults.How to discover your true self and your unique compatibility features.How to find a boyfriend or girlfriend with similar interests and values.Using the Skillful Dating Model to minimize the influence of guesswork in your matching decisions.A simple but powerful set of dating strategies that can teach any single how to date, regardless of experience with men or women.How to get into the ideal dating mindset to attract your true love and ask them out for that perfect first dateHow to manage risks and uncertainties in today’s dating world, including how to stay safe with internet dating and blind dates.How to prevent a mismatch with an impostor who wants to pretend, waste your time or ruin your love life.Limited time to read? No problem. This book is also available on Audible Books. Listen and learn anytime, anywhere, at home, in the car, or at the gym. Prepare yourself for finding love and dating success… and on to happy marriage or happy long-term relationship.Page Up and Order Now.


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