The Secret of Right Relationships: Helping You Overcome Your Compulsions and Fears to Become the Person God Wants You to Be David Derby Author
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The Secret of Right Relationships: Overcoming Dinosaur Thinking is not a traditional Bible study. It is Bible-based relationship, leadership, and Christian character education taught from an instinctive behavior paradigm, which will help you apply Christianity to your daily life. Each chapter will enhance your ability to identify basic instinctive behaviors in yourself and others. You will discover from the Bible how God wants you to overcome these negative instincts so you can develop healthier relationships that will help you become a better witness of Jesus' love. As you overcome these instincts, you will gain insights into:•Marriage •Parenting •Leadership •Team Building •Stress Management •Coping with Fear •Listening •Character Building. As you take this journey, you will discover how God wants to bless you in your relationships so you can experience ultimate joy and so God can be glorified as you pass your blessings on to others.After Seminary, David Derby started a consulting agency to help businesses and to encourage Christians to discover their potential. His programs are enriched by his experiences as a juvenile corrections facility counselor, behavior style analyst, teacher, pastor, business owner, missionary mobilizer, and foster parent to more than 70 youth. While on mission projects in remote areas of India, David met grass-root level church planters of whom many live on less than one dollar a day, have little or no education, and suffer persecution for sharing their faith. The Lord used this experience to lead David to write the Indian edition of this book, which has been translated into six Indian languages, and thousands have been taught from it throughout India. David was denied reentry into India in 2011. The Indian immigration authorities refuse to give an explanation for this decision. But it appears David was reported by radical anti-Christian Hindu officials who saw the growth of the local churches after his visits to their areas.


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