Fluke & The Bannajee Paul Todd Author
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BOOK DESCRIPTION 'Who is The Bannajee?' I hear you ask. And that's a difficult question. Let's start with what he looks like. First of all, he's big. The kind of big that has to stoop to get in a room. That big. He has a body covered in light-brown fur. And a head with only four hairs on it. Don't ask me why, that's all he has. The Bannajee'd be really, really lonely if he didn't live with Fluke. 'Who's Fluke?' Fluke's a boy. He likes to think he's cool. Like most boys, he tries to dress as though he is. And The Bannajee lives in his house. Now how this strange situation came about, no-one knows. But that's it. Fluke's in charge and The Bannajee doesn't mind. In fact, he's a bit relieved. He's got a lot to learn and Fluke's a good teacher. For a teenager. These stories are their adventures. I hope you like them. FROM THE BACK COVER There are nearly as many stories about Fluke and The Bannajee as there are stars in the sky. These are just the first four. No-one knows where The Bannajee comes from or why he lives with Fluke. Toddy does! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Paul Todd Writes songs, musicals and music for the theatre. He has been involved in 185 shows including 33 world premieres and written scores for 19 West End shows. Paul spent many years as a partner of Sir Alan Ayckbourn in Scarborough. He was Musical Director of The Royal National Theatre for 4 years and has lectured at Leeds University, New York University, the University of Massachusetts, The City Literary Institute, and the Faculty of Performance Arts at Bretton Hall. Paul has played with numerous musicians including Graham Bond, Sting, Dave Newton, and Peter Straker. 'Fluke and The Bannajee' is Toddy's first set of stories for children.


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