The Jumbalees in the Friendly Alien: An Alien story for Kids ages 4 - 8 illustrated with colour cartoons Chris Evans Author
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In this story the Jumbalees have a strange encounter with an Alien when his spaceship crashes to Earth. He soon becomes a friend and goes to school with the Jumbalees where they almost get into trouble with a teacher. They have fun together but the Alien misses his parents and would like to return to his planet.This series of illustrated stories for kids are about the Jumbalees, a group of colourful young creatures that live and play together on an exotic island close to the ocean. They behave like human children, working together even when they disagree as they make their way through exciting and sometimes scary adventures. Their social interactions help prepare them for dealing with others and the world around them and their loyalty and humour allow them to overcome the obstacles they face. The colourful cartoon illustrations in these storybooks make reading more fun for kids.


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