Millionaire Mentors - Lessons on Wealth, Prosperity and Financial Intelligence from the Worlds Richest Teachers Paul William Browning Author
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What if you could distil down the most powerful information from the best books on wealth, financial intelligence, prosperity consciousness and creating affluence? This is the question entrepreneur Paul Browning asked himself when he began to research recognised world experts in these fields. Paul discovered that wealth has many facets, including: - How the wealthy act - Wealth and spirituality - Manifesting prosperity - Debt-free living - Financial intelligence - Creating wealth-producing vehicles - How wealthy people think and see the world You see, many people make money but few people understand how to keep it, and they end up squandering their fortune. Others have an understanding of how money works but struggle to create a wealth creation plan and vehicle. Both situations reveal a gap in people's wealth knowledge. Wealth of the Masters examines the world's greatest texts on financial intelligence, wealth creation, financial success and strategies, money mindset and prosperity consciousness and distils the information into 'need to know' principles for anyone who wants to bring more prosperity into his or her life. About the Author Paul Browning worked in the police force in the UK from 1988 to 2000 before embarking on a career in IT. He worked in various IT jobs until 2002, when he started his first company offering IT training. He grew this for several years, eventually franchising it and then selling it. Paul now runs a publishing company, in addition to creating various websites selling training courses and e-books. He emigrated from the UK to Australia in 2012 and now lives by the beach in Perth. You can reach Paul via


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