The Mongol Empire in World History - (Key Issues in Asian Studies) by Helen Hundley (Paperback)
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"About the Book ""The Mongol Empire in World History covers an exceptionally large physical landscape. This volume traces the creation of the Mongol Empire of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, an empire that at its greatest extent stretched from Eastern Europe and the Middle East in the west through Central Asia and Inner Asia to modern Korea and China in eastern Asia. Its impact on the peoples of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe are felt to this day. Written for non-experts, this book seeks to introduce general readers to the complex impact of the Mongol Empire on world history. While the military impact of the Mongols does appear in this volume, readers will come away with a greater appreciation of the broader impact of Mongol actions, including especially the impact on trade and the spread of ideas including technology and art, encouraged by the Mongol Empire. The Key Issues in Asian Studies series is the perfect place to present this topic to a wide reading public""--Provided by publisher. Book Synopsis In a thoroughly comprehensive manner, Helen Hundley successfully demonstrates the complex legacy of the Mongol presence in medieval history, when Mongol warriors created a vast political organism facilitating interethnic and intercontinental economic and cultural exchange. Hundley offers the reader not only insight into the political organization of the diverse Mongol realm, but also an eloquent discussion on the religious effects of Mongol policies as well as the role of women in dynastic interests. The usefulness of the text is manifold: it is helpful reference material for those who specialize in Asian Studies and the European Middle Ages and also teach world history with an emphasis on cultural interaction, and also serves a comprehensive introduction to the history of the Mongol Empire, accessible to general readership. About the Author HELEN HUNDLEY teaches about the Mongol Empire and Russian history at Wichita State University in Kansas. There she is a co-founder and co-director of the Certificate in Asian Studies program. In addition, for twenty years Professor Hundley was one of the teachers of the Siberian Studies course at the University of Kansas. In this course she focused especially on her expertise of the northern Mongols, known as Buriats."



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