Romeo's Hammer (A Mike Romeo Thriller) James Scott Bell Author
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She was beautiful and naked and dying...Mike Romeo finds her in the fog, on the beach, staggering around like a drunk. But it's not alcohol that's in her - it's poison.After getting this mysterious woman to the hospital, Romeo figures that's the end of the matter.But it's only the beginning.When the woman goes missing, Romeo is hired by her father to find her. But the trail grows cold, the circumstances strange. The people involved with her are a mix of L.A. odd and downright dangerous. There's a washed-up Hollywood star hoping for a comeback; hired muscle willing to break bones just for the workout; a fight manager with underworld connections; and a strange cult predicting the return of angels to the earth.And some very bad people who want Romeo dead.From the posh beaches of Malibu to the dark corners of L.A.'s fight game, Romeo's Hammer takes you on another thrill ride in the series that New York Times bestselling author Meg Gardiner calls sharp as a switchblade.


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