Dependent Care and the Employee Benefits Package: Human Resource Strategies for the 1990s LouEllen Crawford Author
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Based upon Crawford's extensive survey of more than 300 U.S. businesses, this book explores and describes in detail the various types of employee benefits policies designed to ease the burdens of employees caught between the conflicting demands of work and the need to provide care for dependent children and/or parents. Crawford examines in depth such policies as flextime, referral services, on-site daycare, and dependent care service partnerships, identifying the strengths and drawbacks of each and the extent of their current use in American businesses. She also offers the reader a rationale for companies' adoption of dependent care policies, showing that a failure to implement such measures can lead to problems such as increased absenteeism and decreased productivity that will eventually impact the corporate bottom line.Crawford demonstrates that the combined impact of more women in the workplace and a growing aged population has created a dependency crisis that is only beginning to be adequately addressed by American businesses and policymakers. The policies that are now being developed to address this problem are examined both from the standpoint of how they actually work in practice and how they can provide real benefits to employers as well as employees. Concerned throughout to provide both descriptive detail and practical advice, the author illustrates ways in which to lay the foundation for effective dependent care employee benefits packages. She also reviews and evaluates current legislative activities on behalf of parental leave. Concluding with a look at the future, Crawford assesses the demographics that will define what kinds of dependent care assistance the labor force of tomorrow will require. An indispensable guide for human resource professionals, Crawford's work will also be of significant interest to students in business and management programs.


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