Amphitryon : After Kleist by Way of Moliere with a Little Bit of Giraudoux Thrown In Eric Overmyer Author
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A comical, anachronistic, and witty retelling of the Greek myth, composed after Kleist by way of Molière with a little bit of Giraudoux. The story of Jupiter's cuckolding of Amphitryon has come in a variety of theatrical styles over the centuries. Plautus, by all accounts, had great success with it as a burlesque for the Romans; Molière turned it into a farce, of course; Kleist made a romance of it; and Giraudoux fashioned it into a fantasy. In the new version, Mr Overmyer seems to aim for the sophistication of a Saturday Night Live skit, a sort of Classics Comics for the theater. -Wilborn Hampton, The New York Times


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