The Midwest Gardener's Book of Lists - by Susan McClure (Paperback)
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"About the Book This new addition to the ""Book of Lists"" series lists plants that complement architecture, can withstand drought and bloom for weeks, and much more, plus features and lists on vegetable gardening, perennials for water gardens, and trees for urban areas. Illustrations. Book Synopsis The Midwest Gardener's Book of Lists is a definitive guide for gardeners in one of the biggest gardening areas in the country. The many subjects listed in this useful guide include plants that complement architecture, can withstand drought, do well in various soil types, bloom for weeks, and both attract and repel wildlife. Review Quotes ...a reference book you'll want to return to time after time.-- ""Iowa Source Garden Guide"" ...contains information on plants that complement architecture, plants that can withstand drought and bloom for weeks, and many other types.-- ""Publishers Weekly"" Author Susan McClure tells you how to match plants to a certain architectural style, what plants will flourish in various soils and how to find roses or other plants that will work for you. It's easy to read and she avoids getting too technical.--Mark Marymont ""Springfield News-Leader"" It's the ultimate trivia book for gardeners of any age or degree of experience.--Linda Brazill ""The Capital Times"" Lists, more than 200 of them, make the book easy to use before buying a plant, vine or shrub for a specific location.--Patricia U. White ""Mansfield News Journal"" The book is an easy, quick reference. Throughout, Midwest gardening experts offer advice, anecdotes, and inspiration.-- ""Chicago Sun-Times"" The idea is to help spend less time and money in the garden.--Carol McGarvey ""Des Moines Register"" The Midwest Gardener's Book of Lists [is] heavy on expert rmendations on such topics as trees for urban sites, perennials for severe shade, and plants for nooks and crannies.--Dennis Rodkin ""Chicago Tribune"" This book is a compilation of tips and information on creating beautiful gardens from McClure and more than 50 other expert gardeners.-- ""Fond Du Lac Reporter"" With icy cold winters and searing hot summers, everyone knows that landscaping in the Midwest is unlike gardening anywhere else in the country. With that in mind, Midwest garden expert Susan McClure has put together a compendium of useful information in The Midwest Gardener's Book of Lists.-- ""Kansas City Lawn and Garden Guide"""



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