Infused Readers: Book 12 Amy Logan Author
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Infused Readers are a collection of 15 books that organize and simplify the English language for people learning, or teaching, to read. The series is based on Apple Computer software developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno in the 1980s called Infused Reading. These paperback Readers introduce each target sound individually, and assign it a unique color. As different spellings for the same sound appear, learners can refer back to what they know about the color, and trust themselves to decode and produce the correct sound. Once all of the sounds in the book have been introduced and practiced, students will see that a story has been built one sound at a time. From there, intonation can be practiced, and meaning discussed. Infused Readers are a part of the Words in Color family, but were designed to stand on their own.It is recommended that all users of Infused Readers begin with Book 1 in order to become familiar with the color code.Other learning materials in the Words in Color family include:- Pop Ups (animated series)- Words in Color Wall Charts (a set of 21 color-coded charts in a variety of sizes) - Reading Primers R2- Student Workbook 1- Book of Stories- The Beginner's Guide to Teaching with Words in Color- The Common Sense of Teaching Reading and WritingFor more information see


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