Ancient Egypt Bingo Book: Complete Bingo Game In A Book Rebecca Stark Author
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Rebecca Stark's Bingo Books are complete bingo games in a book. They are great for end-of-the-unit reviews and can also be used as assessment tools.These games are a great way to introduce or review a subject! Each game provides a comprehensive overview of the topic. (Math and Analogy Bingo Games provide skill practice as well!) There are two or three clues for every term, and there are enough unique bingo sheets for 30 students! Each Bingo Book includes a list of the 50 Terms/Names, Templates for Additional Terms and Clues, 2 or 3 Clues per Term, 30 Unique Bingo Sheets, and Markers to copy and cut out. Pages are printed on one side only, so you have a choice of cutting apart the book or making copies of the sheets. Because the sheets are printed on plain paper, you can have the students mark the sheets with pencil and reprint the sheets as needed for additional games.


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