Sushi for Parties : Maki-Sushi and Nigiri-Sushi by Ken Kawasumi
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Sushi is one of the truly Japanese dishes. It makes full use of fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients. A Japanese eating sushi exclaims that he or she is happy to be born Japanese. Along with sukiyaki and tempura, sushi is world famous as a typical Japanese dish. Traditionally, chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) and maki-zushi (rolled sushi) have been prepared by mothers for the occasion of cherry-blossom viewing, school sports, festivals and traditional events. It is also served for guests. Like home-made pickles, each family had its own distinctive flavor. The flavor of sushi has been handed down like this from generation to generation, but recently it has been forgotten with the increase in nuclear families. Nigiri-zushi in particular has become high-priced food available only at sushi bars. This book is intended for beginners. TV champion Ken Kawasumi, who won the sushi contest sponsored by TV Tokyo twice, explains the techniques and methods simply and plainly. If nigiri-zushi is prepared at home, everyone can relish the intriguing recipes at a reasonable cost. Let's enjoy and fully appreciate the delicacies of hand-made sushi.


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