Hunter's Moon by Sophie Masson
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A retelling of the classic fairytale Snow White that glitters with magic and treachery Bianca and her glamorous model stepmother are preparing for Bianca s Presentation Ball. Bianca is so looking forward to it. She only wishes her father could be here with her, instead of away on business. When she hears after the ball that her father is ill, she doesn t notice that newspaper "The Mirror" has summed up the ball guests with this fatal sentence: "Lepmest has a new Fairest Lady, and her name is Bianca." But though Bianca doesn t notice, her stepmother certainly does. And very soon Bianca will learn the true nature of the woman whom she trusted and who she thought loved her and her father. Plunged into a terrifying world that will turn her from a daughter of privilege to a hunted creature in fear of her life, Bianca must find allies if she is to survive."


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