The Campaign of Waterloo, 1815: a Political & Military History from the French Perspective Antoine Henri Jomini Author
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The Emperor's fall by one of his own generalsPosterity has been granted several renowned historians of the Napoleonic Wars and the author of this book, Antoine-Henri Jomini, is notable among them-for he not only chronicled its history, but was an active participant in its events. Service with Napoleon saw him in action at Austerlitz, Ulm, Jena, at Eylau where he was awarded the Legion of Honour and at Lutzen and Bautzen. His work, The Art of War is an essential treatise on the waging of war in the early nineteenth century and is required reading for any student of the period. He is credited as one of the founding fathers of modern strategy. Jomini's take on the campaign of Waterloo is valuable to modern students for all the reasons stated, but also because it considers the campaign primarily and inevitably from the French perspective upon which his experience of warfare was based. Available in soft cover and hard cover with dust jacket for collectors.


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