Adventures in the Ancient World: 5-Belshazzar H. Rider Haggard Author
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An addition to the Leonaur Ancient Adventures series by H. Rider HaggardRider Haggard is one of the most famous authors of adventure fiction in the English language. Almost everyone has heard of Allan Quatermain-the hero of King Solomon's Mines-and the beautiful, ruthless, magically immortal Ayesha-She 'who must be obeyed.' All of Haggard's novels and stories featuring both characters are available in handsome Leonaur editions. Haggard was a prolific writer so it is not surprising that only a few of his titles are widely known-and read-by an audience which would enjoy them all. The essential elements of his most famous creations-the great African continent and ancient civilisations, mysterious and exotic, mythical, imagined or real, are combined in a number of his novels and stories and these too have now been collected by Leonaur into a special four volume set-African Adventures. Readers will therefore be unsurprised to learn that Haggard could not resist writing a number of tales about ancient civilisations, or that in these he naturally gravitated towards the most evocative of them all-the world of the Ancient Egyptians and the other peoples of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. This is a stunning body of fiction which Leonaur has gathered together into a five volume set-each successive volume following a chronological time-line along the sweeping march of history.Volume five-an additional volume-in the Rider Haggard series of stories set in the Ancient world contains a single novel, 'Belshazzar.' Ramose is the offspring of an Egyptian Pharaoh and a Greek woman. Brought up in a life of luxury he is catapulted into a life of adventure which leads him to the fall of Babylon at the hand of the Persian Empire under Cyrus. Available in soft cover and hard cover with dust jacket.


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