The Way of Blessedness by Mary Lou, Thompson, Marjorie J., Bryant, Stephen D. Redding
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The Way of Blessedness, the third resource in the Companions in Christ series, is an invitation for small group members to discover and live in the kingdom of God. Each week is an exploration of one of the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. Unlike other books on the Beatitudes, The Way of Blessedness is threaded throughout with spiritual practices that form participants spiritually while informing them about scripture. This 9-week journey helps participants empty themselves of pride so that they can be filled with God's abundant love. As they are transformed by God's love, they may become people who mourn with and for others and our world, who understand and live out Jesus' example of meekness, who hunger and thirst for holiness, who humbly offer and receive mercy, whose hearts are pure and able to see the imprint of God in all things, who seek peace, and who hold strong in our faith through adversity. The Way of Blessedness guides participants along a path that offers clarity to their way of life and the very life of God's kingdom. Small group sessions: Week 1 Exploring the Blessed Life Week 2 Embracing Our Spiritual Poverty Week 3 Tears as Anguish, Tears as Gift Week 4 The Power of a Clear and Gentle Heart Week 5 A Satisfying Hunger and Thirst Week 6 Embracing the Wisdom of Tenderness Week 7 Receiving the Vision of God Week 8 Making Peace: A Fragrant Offering of Love Week 9 The Deep Gladness of Suffering Love


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